Laura Shavin Voice Over

UK British-English Female ISDN Voiceover Artist

Voice Of God

What is a Voice of God?

“Voice of God” is the phrase used to describe a voiceover or announcer at a live entertainment or event. The voice artist is not in vision but often works in tandem with an onstage presenter. Examples of “Voice of God” work includes:

Nominations at an Award Ceremony…
Welcome Messages…
Health & Safety Instructions…
General Announcements…

Of course these can be pre-recorded but often – especially in the case of Award Ceremonies – they are performed live. Usually the announcer is reading from a script backstage and may often be “in conversation with” the on-stage presenter.

Laura is a confident on-site announcer. She has plenty of experience working live and under-pressure. She also has the ability to sight-read complicated scripts and is able to incorporate changes on the hoof.

Laura is very comfortable ad libbing too (if required). This derives from her years of experience radio presenting, compering and working as a stand up comedian.

As one of the few female Voices of God working regularly in the UK, Laura has been the voiceover “sidekick” of presenters such as Stephen Fry, Rob Brydon and Jimmy Carr. She has voiced at numerous high profile live events for the likes of JLA, BBC, Haymarket, Cancer Research, Channel 4 and CIPS among others.

Please get in touch to discuss your requirements.

Alternatively if you need pre-recorded announcements, Laura can deliver these in your choice of format.